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The new era of airport hubs?

As a consequence of the travel restrictions imposed on fights due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, airlines have reduced their capacity offers and grounded part of their fleet, particularly the big quads such as B747 and A380. These aircraft being mainly operated to connect hub congested airports, the hub-and-spoke system seems to be over, to the benefit of more point-to-point flights. So how can one envisage a new era for airport hubs?

Aviation Carbon 2019

Aviation Carbon 2019

4-5 of november – Aviation Carbon 2019

SCRUM-consult will have the opportunity to participate to the Aviation Carbon 2019, in London, with professionals of the aviation sector, of carbon management (verification, compensation…) of international organisations and NGOs. A good way to discuss the latest status of CORSIA for instance, as a pillar of the baskets of measures to make aviation’s growth carbon neutral as of 2020.