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Joining forces to foster sustainable transition

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Lots of people think that sustainable development means protecting the environment. What is it exactly? Sustainability often does include protecting the environment, but is also a lot more comprehensive: environmental issues do play a very important role, but so do economic and social challenges. One of the reasons for thinking that sustainability means protecting the…
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Conference on May 20!

On your agenda : The first conference on Sustainable Development around Aeronautics, Aviation and Space jointly organized by the Bureau Solidaire and ENAC Alumni will take place on May 20 at ENAC Toulouse. Conférence Métiers : L’Aérospatial se met au vert

The new Sustainable Development Club is waiting for YOU !

A new Club has just born at ENAC Alumni : the Sustainable Development club ! It will be animated by Philippe FONTA (IENAC 1987), founder and CEO of SCRUM-Consult, specialized in sustainable development issues. You’re interested in the challenges that sustainable development brings to the world of aviation ? The Sustainable Development club is waiting…
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